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Tattoo Ink Wheel "el zorro ink wheel", ink organizer ,ink mixer , ink holder ,permanent makeup, ink bottle, wall mounted, rotating automatic

Tattoo Ink Wheel "el zorro ink wheel", ink organizer ,ink mixer , ink holder ,permanent makeup, ink bottle, wall mounted, rotating automatic

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this product is hand made one by one and I will do my best to have them shipped by the next business day.

el zorro Ink Wheel Benefits

Tattoo Ink Wheel "el zorro ink wheel" holds 61 tattoo ink bottles 1oz or 2oz in a unique and easy wall mounted electric rotating system base organizing that spins to help keep your inks fresher longer Tattoo Ink bottles, tattoo ink storage,tattoo work station, tattoo ink display, tattoo ink shelf, tattoo ink rack

• Saves space & organizes your Tattoo Inks
• Innovative design gives you a clear view of your inks
• Mounted on the wall rotating with a 12v or 24v electric motor custom speed rotation of the wheel smooth, quiet and durable 24/7
• Easy and quick access to your inks in your station
• Great for using in your Tattoo Shop, beauty shop or at Tattoo Conventions or any artist or person use ink bottles
• Each ink wheel comes with the necessary mounting hardware you just need to have a screwdriver
1 Spinning tattoo ink wheel that can be mounted in 5 minutes - made from HDPE plastic and hight quality plywood its resistant against spilled ink. Securely hold 61 1oz or 2oz tattoo ink bottles for quick access and visually display your tattoo ink bottles, save you space at your workstation and help prevent your tattoo ink from settling when it is not in use.
, displayed and prevents it from going bad early from the inks settling. Each tattoo ink wheel comes with all of the necessary tools and hardware to mount it, it's a simple 2 screws that hold the ink wheel against the wall, is come with two aluminium wall mount pieces one already installed in the back side of the wheel the second piece have to installed in the wall with two screw and just mount it and it will always look great!
The Tattoo Ink Wheel is a unique space saving vertical wall mounted design to secure, organize and agitate your inks to help prevent them from settling

dimention size
wheel size :w 24”

back side
• Height: 8”
width 10”
depth 4”
• Bottle Size:1oz or 2oz
• Tattoo Ink Bottle Storage Capacity: 61

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